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How it works, Simple but very effective
Use on your own or get your partner in on the action.
No other male masturbator lets your partner get so involved in the action.


Vibrating Enhanced Blow Job

Your cock is still in full view for
your partner to keep an eye on the action

Helping hand - no wrist strain

Intense vibrating pleasure right on the corona. This feels great with the Vibro &
the Doulble Trouble just kicks your ass.

Lay back and take it easy

Nearly as much fun for her as you.
Well almost.

How it works

Unlike most male masturbation devices, you don't just put the Monkey Spanker on your penis and move it up and down, you use the Monkey Spanker a bit differently than that.

1. Lube up the Monkey Spanker with a good quality water based lube. We recommend Liquid Silk.

2. Turn on the vibrator

2. Slide in your penis.

3. Take the Monkey Spanker back off your penis.

4. Slide in your penis again.

5. Repeat stages 2-5 indefinitely, naturally building up speed as you are doing this until your cock goes into the Zen zone. You will know when this is.

The Zen Zone

In the Zen zone this is where things start getting a bit nuts. You will be sliding the Monkey Spanker on and off your penis so fast it won’t know what’s going on.

Your penis will be getting seriously hard at this stage and will be very sensitive. This is when you will feel and understand the real benefit of the vibrations. You will be focusing all the pleasure on the head and the area just behind it. 

6. Ride the pleasure wave and get ready for a powerful orgasm.

You will now be spanking incredibly fast, with the Monkey Spanker you can stroke at least twice as fast as you can with your hand or any other masturbation device. This is because with the Monkey Spanker you move it by flicking your wrist and don’t have to move your whole forearm. This speed is one of the factors that sends your penis into overdrive.

7. Come and then relax.



Happy Spanking