"The 'Monkey Spanker' male vibrator is a brand new tool for wanking your cock! Does it work? YOU BET IT DOES! We'd gladly sacrifice a leg to get our hands on a machine of this masturbatory magnificence!"

"This is absolutely fantastic, I have bought loads of pumps in the past and this beats them into the ground. This has got to be the male equivalent of the Rabbit Vibrator."
"An excellent device which still had me shaking for 10 mins after coming."
"Ace! Boyfriend loved it, tonnes of fun, best birthday prezzie I got him."
"Got one from my girlfriend - she blindfolded me and slipped it on my dick; I thought I was getting a blowjob. Nice one!"
"This is a must have for those times when you have to do it and there is no one around. (10 / 10)"
"Loved my Monkey Spanker so much I took it on a trip to France. Got searched at customs, they thought I was carrying drugs and pulled it to bits! Can I buy another one please."
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